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SCALPHUNTER A Lie They Call The Truth gets 7/10

A Lie They Call The Truth


There is something abruptly tenacious and defiant about Scalphunter’s latest track A Lie They Call The Truth. Certainly feeling like a live staple, the opening guitar riff swings by like some cocaine-addled meth-head. Seeing this live, the inevitable head banging will probably make you consider taking physiotherapy (maybe a health warning should be advised on this track). But that’s what a punk track does; it’s supposed to make your limbs fling about unnaturally like a studio extra in Poltergeist.

So let’s go through the great list of what makes a punk track great – a desire to burn down the establishment, this track does that; Olympiad levels of physicality from the drummer, yes (wonder how many drumsticks caught fire due to friction at sublime speeds); and of course screaming, a healthy dosage of that. Tick.

A Lie They Call The Truth is a great punk track and inevitably suggests what great act Scalphunter are to see live. It just shows that their energy and enthusiasm doesn’t decline once they hit the studio.


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