SBS Gives You Bulk Streaming Movies For Free

Velvet Goldmine

Thrilling the countless ageing Gen-Xers who came of age watching completely nutzoid cult films on SBS (invariably introduced with great enthusiasm by the invaluable Des Mangan), the station has thrown it’s hat quite bodily into the digital distribution ring.

For the next year, 400 movies will be available to stream on the SBS On Demand service for free – no contracts, no catches, no subscription.

The range of films on offer will swell the heart of any film buff, encompassing as it does all kinds of weird, cult, foreign and niche offerings, as well as some surprisingly mainstream cuts as well: Scream is on there right now, nestled alongside Big Man Japan, The Night Porter, A Dangerous Method, The Last Emperor, Let The Right One In and more. It’s manna from heaven, check the whole roster out here.