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SAVANAH AND THE STRAYS Salt of the earth

Local country act Savanah and the Strays are set to celebrate the release of their new single Salt of the Earth with a launch party at the Bassendean Hotel on Friday, November 30. The sound and character of the group have been fostered by years of living and growing up in diverse places across the vast landscape of Western Australia. BRAYDEN EDWARDS caught up with the group’s songwriter Savanah Solomon to hear her story of growing up in the Kimberley, who inspired the songs she writes today, and what we can look forward to at the show.

Whereabouts did you grow up and how did you get into playing music?

I grew up in Broome, and after watching my Dad play guitar I decided to pick it up at a young age. My parents were always playing music, and got me into an array of artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Sheryl Crow; and I started singing and songwriting in my early teens. Songwriting is my passion, and I have been songwriting and performing ever since.

What kind of music or artists did you get inspiration from? Was it just well known acts or were some of them people you knew personally?

I love so many different artists (Angus and Julia Stone, Neil Young, The Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers, Fleetwood Mac and more) and they all definitely influence my music. But I’ve never wanted to be or sound like any of them in particular. I’ve just always been myself, and what inspires my music is life, and the stories that I have to tell.

Do you think your experiences growing up regionally have informed the songs that you write?

Definitely! Growing up in Broome, and now living near Moore River, it’s an important part of my identity. I showcase this through the many songs I write with my lyrics and the band’s country style of music.

And how about the band Savanah and the Strays? How did that come about and what have you been up to lately?

Savanah and The Strays are good mates that just love to play music; We’ve had a blast this year, performing at The Boyup Brook Country Music Festival, WAMFest, and The Harvey Dickson Rodeo to name a few; and we’re so excited about launching our newest single Salt Of The Earth. Long story short Savanah and The Strays began as a TAFE Band, as Abe (keys) , Laz (lead guitar) and I (rhythm guitar/vocals) were all studying music together. We’ve stuck around ever since, with Jonno (drums) and Rhys (bass) joining later.

And this single in particular, what’s the story or message behind the song and what compelled you to write it?

Salt of the Earth is a song about my Dad. He is hard-working, genuine and selfless, and I look up to him for that. My Dad means a lot to me, and I thought I’d write this song to show how much I appreciate him.

And the launch coming up at the Bassendean Hotel, what can we look forward to on the night there?

It’s going to be an excellent night with the soulful Anthony Lloyd starting it off at eight. Then it’s Lightnin’ Jack playing the best blues in town, and The Little Lord Street Band to get the crowd dancing! The Strays and I will then rock the night away with a diverse set full of original music. We can’t wait!

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