Sorry I Let It Come Between Us

Northside Records

Once again Saskwatch has showcased their ability to consistently surprise listeners with unpredictable, crafty but well-oiled layers of a diversity of sounds.

Their mature growth is prevalent immediately as lead single, I’ll Be Fine, kicks off with groovy rhythm, slick chorus lead and a boppy drum track. Vocalist Nkechi Anele has taken a relaxed approach this time around, hitting the perfect notes without having to belt everything out. Following track In Your Arms gives the bass some spotlight within a comforting build and some sneaky, yet always pleasant horn fills. The album’s emotional roller-coaster continues into the slower bluesy track Everyone’s Giving Up which is beautifully complimented by trumpet layers. Again pushing their versatility and endless musical parameters Time To Let You Go blends crunchy lead with soothing piano, giving a surprisingly enjoyable energy to an emotionally saddening theme.

Saskwatch have once again proven their musical skill triumphs all that stands in its way as they continue to find new ways to please fans and produce solid music.