Sarah Blasko


I Awake Live At Sydney Opera House 

Dew Process


If you didn’t happen to be in Sydney back in February last year when Sarah Blasko performed at the Sydney Opera House or one of the many who watched the show live on YouTube, then the release of I Awake Live At Sydney Opera House will be a welcome treat. Backed by the Sydney International Orchestra, Blasko treated those lucky enough to be in attendance to a performance of her entire 2012 LP, I Awake, as well as a number of songs from her previous albums, What the Sea Wants, The Sea Will Have and As Day Follows Night.

For a live album, the mix and production is top notch – at times you could be forgiven for thinking it was all done in the studio. But no, it is live; the punctuated cheers from the crowd between songs, along with Blasko’s humble and delicate repetitions of “thank you” make it so. Opening with {Explain}, Blasko plays a selection of songs from her back catalogue including favourites such as All I Want and Bird On Wire before launching into I Awake from start to finish.

It’s hard not to like Sarah Blasko, whether it’s for her delicate voice and beautiful music or simply because she seems to be one of the most humble performers in this country. With such exceptional musicianship on display, combined with a masterful mix, it makes it one of the better live albums out there.