Nick Gardner puts his feet up
Nick Gardner puts his feet up

San Cisco’s second album, Gracetown, is released this Friday, March 6. In what must count as the worst timing in the band’s history, bass player, Nick Gardner, has quite literally shot himself in the foot. Really.

We’ll just cut to his account of the incident, which occurred on a farm, because we weren’t there…

As we were driving through an exceptionally rough paddock, I reached down to stop the gun from bouncing around and before I knew it, it had gone off. The bolt had slid down and the jolting had triggered the gun. Somewhat of a freak accident. I realised I had been shot and ripped off my boot and sock to reveal a hole in my foot and blood everywhere. Isaac, my mate, quickly got his first aid kit and bandaged it up. He then started driving towards the nearest hospital, which was 100kms away. I passed out in shock and came to shaking and being yelled at. By the time we got to the hospital I was calm, but in excruciating pain. The doctors got morphine into me and put me in an ambulance headed for a bigger hospital. I eventually made it to the Perth hospital where a specialist has done a great job putting my foot back together.

I am very sad to say I will be missing the upcoming USA / Mexico tour, especially our first festival in Mexico City, but will rejoin in Europe when I’m not completely knocked out by painkillers. However I know the band will do me proud and there will still be the same show, just without my embarrassing dancing!”

Yes, we went there...
Yes, we went there…

San Cisco head to the US for tour dates next week. They perform at the Fremantle Arts Centre on Thursday, April 23, and Friday, April 24, (all-ages). Somewhat ironically given Gardner’s upcoming absence, the video for San Cisco’s latest single, Too Much Time Together, dropped today.