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SAN CISCO’s New Moves In Latest Video ‘SloMo’


Today marks the launch of San Cisco’s new video for their latest single SlowMo.

SloMo is the first official single off the indie bands upcoming third studio album.

Talking about SloMo singer Jordi Davieson said “SloMo was the first song we wrote as a band after Gracetown. We wanted to create a song that made people want to move.”

The video clip produced in collaboration with Matt Sav is a perfect representation of Daviesons vision featuring some fun choreography creating a bright artistic piece of film.

Behind the bright bubbly images there is a deeper message. The lyrics reveal a complex story of playing with fire and tales of desire.

SloMo is available now on iTunes globally. San Cisco’s 3rd studio album is due out in the first 3 months of 2017.


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