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San Cisco
Jordi Davieson, San Cisco Pic: George Foster


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Perth’s beloved indie-folk-rockers, San Cisco, kicked off the second night of their national Run tour at Mojo’s Fremantle, with the room jam-packed with fans and groovers dancing the night away. The night drew a mixed crowd of young indie lovers to the more matured-aged music fans for San Cisco and the support act for the tour, Gunns.

The night began with Perth’s five-piece fellow indie folk pop group Gunns,playing to a decent collective of admirers that continued to fill out the venue to capacity for the headliners. The crowd was hooked to the refreshingly mellow group with its electronic groove undertones, indie loops and chilled, progressive beats. Throughout the set, Gunns constantly made adjustments to the levels perfecting their solid finish and great playful vibe, for their hooting fans and groovers sticking closely to the stage. Tracks Fool and set-closer, Live By The Sea, were the clear crowd winners, from the mass applause as they made way for the headliners.

In between sets, the buzzing crowd warmed up the welcome for the headliners by really getting into a mass sing-a-long to Fleetwood Mac’s Go Your Own Way, to which San Cisco walked out on stage, drowned in cheers. A wave to the crowd and a quick nod in acknowledgement and this unique group dived into their set with Nepal, Golden Revolver and their new track, Bitter Winter, consisting of a deep focused beat that trickles into a playful indie melody, solid high vocal and subtle loops. Throughout the evening their new tracks highlighted the band’s eclectic abilities and ventures into new sounds and territories of intriguing and clever artistic development.

San Cisco had a wonderful playful nature, and great stage presence with the crowd, with funny banter and the sheer ability to show their focus and clear passion for the music and performance they put forward. The sound of the evening was incredible, with its sophisticated set-up close to the stage and the rear of the venue, let by tour manager Drew Tourle and James Gueness, who attentively perfected every adjustment over and over leaving the group to simply to play and focus on what they do best.

Lead singer/guitarist Jordi Davieson held every note and pitch with passion and clear focus, highlighting his unique and hypnotising vocals. Guitarist Josh Biondillo, dubbed best dressed for the evening, produced a solid show of indie strums and stretched melodic synths. Nick Gardner put forward a deep dominating bass that moved throughout the venue, grooving between bass and keys. Drummer Scarlett Stevens may have been up the back but she clearly had her own spotlight by virtue of her passion, calculated and focused on every beat, note and punch she put forward. This creative lady, is a clear inspiration for young women with her artistic abilities, style, class and down-to-earth vibe.

The night came to an end on an absolute high with the tracks and clear crowd favourites of Run, Girls Do Cry, Awkward and Beach. These tracks led into an awkward encore, where the band left the stage, clearly anticipating cheers, however Davieson returned to the stage and stated, ‘We don’t know what you want… What do you want us to do?’ with a few laughs and funny banter the night ended with the amazing Fred Astaire and the encouragement by the band to dance and sing-a-long.


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