SAN CISCO Skin gets 7.5/10

San Cisco


Hailing from our very own Fremantle, San Cisco have released a brand new album-teaser somewhat different to their usual sound. Less bubbly than we’ve come to expect from the indie-pop trio, Skin explores unrequited love where a glimmer of hope exists for one party, but not the other.

The track follows a lover coming to terms with this loss and tells of the other half providing false hope through lyrics such as “But the last time I saw you/ You said it would all be fine.”

Skin is an aesthetically pleasing tune with a previously unheard vulnerability from the group. The melancholic lyrics are contrasted with the silky, groove inducing instrumental cementing this song as a must-see in the live arena. Clocking in at 4:27 mins, the dreamy number can be slightly repetitive with little lyrical variety; however, frontman Jordi Davieson keeps things lively with his rich vocal range and expressive delivery.

The core lyric “Your skin on my skin is what’s been missing,” repeats throughout the song giving the listener something memorable to grasp onto and ensures this ear-worm is played on repeat.

Skin marks the first we’ve heard from San Cisco since their single release When I Dream mid-last year. Their upcoming record is set to be release early 2020 and if Skin is anything to go by, we’re in for a nice progression from San Cisco. Catch the talented trio at Badlands Bar on December 6.