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SAE Get Your Fix

Fixed directors Burleigh Smith and Codey Wilson
Fixed directors Burleigh Smith and Codey Wilson

From the Film & Television course at The School Of Audio Engineering (SAE) comes the new student film, Fixed. Lecturer, Rob Viney, fills us in on the production.


So, tell us about Fixed.

Fixed is a story about a young girl who wants her dog to have puppies but does not quite understand why the parents want the dog to be de-sexed.


What was your role in the production?

My role on the production was producer, organising basically everything from puppies to location agreements to equipment

and personnel on set. Let’s just say the old saying ‘never work with animals and children’ does have some merit, however Amara Harnisch was nothing but professional. Another role – and really my main role – was to guide the students with the filming techniques – lighting, some audio, protocols on sets and to push the students to make the best possible film.


How did you assist director, Codey Wilson, with production? Was it chiefly a mentoring role, or more hands on?

This is the students’ first time making a short film, so the main focus here is a scaffolding approach. The students learn by first

watching, then stepping in when they can. To be honest, the students really stepped up and worked really well. Not to take any thunder away from the directors, Burleigh Smith and Codey Wilson, who worked great. Two names that need to mentioned are Michael Titter and Nathan Smith, they both will go very far in the film industry… already very professional. The overall outcome needs to be finishing the film, so the students have a finished product to put on their show reels. Now they have a film that has made it all the way to Tropfest. They should be very proud of that achievement.


What course was the film initially created for?

The film was created through the new studio units, part of the Bachelor of Film at SAE. Also some extra scenes were shot outside of the unit and also a professional colour grade to polish up the film for the festival.


What other SAE films have done well in festivals?

My time at SAE has only been short, but with the way things are going and the excitement in the students I don’t think it would be long

before more we see more success.


Anything else to add?

The response to film has been amazing and from all the cast and crew we like to thank everyone for the kind words about Fixed.If anyone would like to watch any of the Tropfest films, is the place to visit.

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