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SAD HILL Mantras For A Failed Academic gets 8/10

Sad Hill
Mantras For A Failed Academic


Mantras For A Failed Academic is the debut single from new Perth band Sad Hill, something of a supergroup featuring ex-members of Emperors and Coveleski. The track is the first taste of their upcoming debut LP and if this is anything to go by, the album is something to look forward to.

The first thing that grabs your attention is the guitars. A simple sounding but excellent lead riff follows a bit of feedback. It really hooks you in and keeps you listening. It’s eyebrow raising stuff.

The vocals give a bit of a Dave Grohl vibe, but it works. Simple but effective lyrics also work on the track, and I’m not a failed academic, but as a failed student “I can handle anything” and “I can sink until I swim” definitely sound like mantras I might use.

It’s simple but it doesn’t sound that way, and clocking in at two minutes and forty five seconds makes it a fun and easy listen. You aren’t tired of the song by the end of the track, you actually want to click play again. Produced by local luminary Dave Parkin, the brilliance is in the guitars.


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