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The 15th year of the Russian Resurrection Film Festival is just a few months away, and we’ve already had a few sneak peaks at what the festival has in store. From fantasy films to comedies, tense war epics to sports dramas, the Russian Resurrection Film Festival is offering a good insight into the Russian box office for the last year. Here’s a few of the announced films that caught our eye.

Sobibor details the mass breakout from prisoners of the Sobibor extermination camp in World War 2 . On the 14 of October 1943 attempted an escape from the SS run Death Camp. This film marks the directorial debut of actor Konstantin Khabenskiy (Nightwatch, Wanted), as well as starring Khabenskiy and Christopher Lambert (Highlander).

Ice, was a big hit at the Russian box office this year. This sports melodrama tells the story of a young champion skater learning to learning how to dream again after her career is devastated by an accident. Nor is Ice the only sports film on the programme this year. With the FIFA World Cup having played in Russia, it seems appropriate that they’d be a film about football as well. Coach (pictured) is about a professional soccer player who takes on the role of coaching a small provincial team, when he’s kicked off the national squad.

On a lighter note we have what is sounding like Russia’s answer to The Full Monty in Night Shift, as an unemployed Russian factory worker becomes a male stripper to support his family. At the other end of the scale, there is the fantasy film, The Last Warrior, in which an unlikely hero is transported into a world of Russian fairy tale and magic.

With just a taste of the line up, this year is certainly showing some promise.

The Russian Resurrection Film Festival will be playing at the Luna Leederville from November 15-21.

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