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RUNNING TOUCH Wine machine in the valley


After a massive 2016, Running Touch will release his debut EP, A Body Slow on March 31. To kick start 2017 his single off the album, Aubrey, made it onto the list of triple j’s Hottest 200. Running Touch is a unique breed, writing and recording his songs as well as creating, producing and narrating his own film clips. Currently completing his first visit to the US and will follow it up with an Australian tour showcasing A Body Slow, he will play at the Hot Dub Wine Machine Festival in the Swan Valley this Saturday, April 8. He will then be back for his A Body Slow national tour in May, playing Hooch at The Brighton in Mandurah on May 6 and then as a part of The Aviary Rooftop Sessions on May 7. He speaks with CLAUDIA MOORE.

You are currently in America doing a bunch of shows for the first time as well as being a part of the SXSW showcase in Austin, what has that been like?

It’s been an absolutely incredible experience; it’s been amazing to travel over to America, as I have never been and haven’t had the chance to travel much in general. Being in a unique location has allowed the whole concept to be heightened and see such different cultures. Having the chance to be a part of the showcase has been amazing, I have loved being surrounded by such a diverse range of artists from all over the world.

You write and produce all your own music and videos, what is the reason behind this?

It was almost an unconscious decision. I am a fiend for creation so being a part of the creative process just seemed natural for me. I am also still a part of another band and we have a very DIY attitude towards music so that’s seeped into my solo career as well. Doing everything myself has really allowed me to push myself and test my own limits and abilities. I am constantly asking myself what I can improve and what I can do better in all facets of my music.

Community radio and triple j have been huge supporters of your music, what impact do you think this has had on your success?

They have been truly amazing supporters as have blogs and I believe they have all been integral in my success. triple j was a huge part of me being able to come over to America and be a part of the conference in Austin. triple j has been a huge force and they have been a part of every release and helped to promote everything I do. Community radio has also been a huge part of spreading my music and supporting me through everything. I believe both are also really important in allowing me to gauge where I am at with audiences and get that feedback.

You have previously said a weak point in your music is “meaning”, what do you mean by this? And was this a large focus for you in this album?

I have always focused on creating “pretty words” in my music and making it all sound nice and well packaged. I think I have always been so concerned about making things sound nice that I didn’t focus on creating meaning in my music. This album was definitely about writing songs with greater significance that have more substance to them. This EP was about being very honest and trying to focus on a very simple concept but make it real rather than over complicating things. I wanted the album to be relatable for people and to talk about things others can really connect with.

Lovely is a compilation of stories from your friends, what made you choose to approach the song in this way?

I didn’t want the whole album to be just about me but I still wanted everything I wrote about to be real and not be made up. I found each of the stories could be their own song but it was more realistic to piece them all together to make one connected song. All of the different stories where connected already and that made it easy to transform them into one story. It was really great because these were people I was close too and connected with so I could really gain their perspective and dig deep and create a very personal song.

What messages can people take away from this album?

I think I want fans to find the album relatable more than anything; there are a lot of key themes that are present and constant over all the tracks. It’s about all the little moments we have in life which we go on to reflect on later and realise that they have actually had a profound impact on our life. It’s a reflection on moments that wash over us but actually do become a large part of who we are as individuals.

What can fans expect from you in your upcoming Australian tour?

They can expect a much more elaborate show this time and I am aiming to make it honest and real for the fans. I am really excited about being able to apply what I have learnt through my shows in America to my Australian tour. I really want to build on what I have done in previous tours and blow them all out of the park this time.

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