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Run The Jewels

RunTheJewelsRun The Jewels

Run The Jewels is the highly anticipated collaboration between producer/emcee/independent label champion El-p, and Atlanta’s rapping man mountain Killer Mike. Originally touted as a bit of fun, inspired by their recent work together for Mike’s album, on release it was revealed to be quite an epic beast.

While these two are known for the delving into some deeply personal lyrics, and analysis of society’s ills, it’s clear that with this release they have dialled that back somewhat. Nevertheless, the opening self-titled track launches itself at you with a crushing synth line and intricate but powerful drum pattern. El and Mike proceed to spin double time raps that leave you basically shaking your head at their prowess. Seasoned El-p fans may crave the post 9-11 paranoia of his previous work, but he’s thrown himself into this sound with gusto, almost harkening back to the hungry backpacker vibes of his original crew, Company Flow.

These two have been around a fair while now, and have seen some trends come and go. As such they’ve got a bunch of talented friends in tow on the album, in the form of Outkast’s Big Boi, Handsome Boy and general weirdo Prince Paul, and the UK’s avant R&B prodigy, Until The Ribbon Breaks. However it’s when Mike and El just jam together that their music really shines, something particular evident on the aforementioned title track, and the truly epic, droning closer A Christmas Fucking Miracle.


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