Rumours Has It

Timothy NelsonAs part of the Newport Hotel’s Record Club, Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours album will be lovingly performed in its entirety by Fleetwood Rack, featuring Timothy Nelson, Elliot Smith (ex The Chemist, China Doll), Lucy Peach and friends, this Thursday, July 3.

“As far as songwriting goes, I think Rumours has a real triumphant feel about it,” Nelson told X-Press this week. “The relationships between the band members were so tumultuous that it’s a wonder they held it together to make a record at all, let alone something as classic as Rumours.

“Every song on the record is so well executed, the writing is simple but lyrically, there’s a real weight to the record that thrives on the inner turmoils within the group, but does it in such a way that it can speak to every one, which it pretty much has! Part of that ‘70s thing I love is having really simple pop songs, but then sneaking in some crazy musicianship and getting away with it.”

Doors open at 7pm. Tickets are $10 (plus booking fee) from or at the door.