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Ruby Boots

RubyBootsRuby Boots
Walking Horse Music/MGM

Bex Chilcott has been fronting Ruby Boots around Perth and Fremantle for the past few years, the evolving line-up building a reputation for their traditional instrumentation and acoustic based tunes. With a debut album on the horizon, this self-titled EP serves as a way for Ruby Boots to rebrand themselves as a more plugged in Americana outfit.

Ruby Boots is a more polished and composed effort these days as Chilcott has drawn on her trip to Nashville to get a taste of the shine and veneer that the genre has come to expect. Solitude is a studious take on cardigan country with affected drawl, a mention of ‘Sunday morning coming down’ and a dose of defiance mixed with loneliness. A ripping guitar solo from You Am I’s Davey Lane doesn’t do the tune any harm either.
The most melodic and indie sounding song in this collection is Cola & Wine with a hook as big as Gonzo’s nose and Chilcott’s voice at its finest. Rounding out the disc is Kellie Anne which is a result of the aforementioned trip to Nashville. It is a more subdued romp which adds another flavour to Ruby Boots.

Ruby Boots have long been ‘most likely to’ when it comes to urban country in Perth. This EP does that reputation no harm even if it does play it a touch safe in terms of arrangements and execution.


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