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RTRFM’S Moment In Time

Mei Sarasweti
Mei Sarasweti

RTRFM is teaming with the Western Australian Museum for A Moment in Time a celebration of the museum featuring performances of some of WA’s most iconic songs but inspiring contemporary local musicians.

David Craft, Rachael Dease, Odette Mercy, Timothy Nelson and Mei Saraswati with the Perth Symphony Orchestra and an all-star band featuring Mal Clark (Sleepy Jackson, Weapon is Sound) and Jozef Grech (Project Mayhem, Flooded Palace), will pay tribute to classic WA songs from the likes of Abbe May, The Drones, Felicity Groom, The Stems, Tame Impala and more.

Picking the songs was by far the hardest part of this whole process,” says Chris Wheeldon. “Renee (Pole, RTRFM’s Development and Community Engagement Manager) who has had a big part in this event, put together a shortlist that was not that short of songs we felt would firstly sound amazing and that would best express the WA music scene. We then got together with the soloists and they made the final selections based on what they wanted to sing and what would work with an orchestral arrangement.

“Tristan Parr has been taking care of the arrangers as it is a world I know little about. He had a team in mind and allocated based on their style and want to do a particular song.”

The collections within the current museum have been moved in preparation for construction of the New Museum for WA. The Perth site will close to the public on Saturday, June 18, until the New Museum opens in 2020.

“People can expect something completely different to what RTRFM normally does. This one is a bit fancy but more so it is a great way to say goodbye to the Museum as we know it while eagerly anticipated what is next in its life. What better way to do that then to celebrate with music?”

A Moment in Time takes place at the  Western Australian Museum, Perth Cultural Centre, on Friday, June 3, from 7pm. Tickets will be available at the door if they haven’t sold out online from


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