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RTRFM’S HARBOUR SUNDAYS Freo hit returns in 2018

RTRFM and the Western Australian Museum have teamed up to bring back their Harbour Sundays series in 2018. The series is held at the WA Maritime Museum in Freo kicks off on Sunday, January 28 and will take place each Sunday up until February 28. 

The first session will include Delilah Rose and the Gunslingers (pictured above) alongside Kat Wilson Trio plus DJ Jas Hughes. The next session, will feature Grace Sanders, Jacob Diamond and Lorraine Clifford. 

Sunday, February 11 will see an eclectic lineup featuring Human Contact led by Alana McPherson plus Cube De Son and DJ Claude Mono. Next up is The Justin Walshe Folk Machine with Racoo Charles and the Moke Folk and DJ Tamara Szep. 

Harbour Sundays will close with a bang on Sunday, February 28 with Crucial Rockers, Boom Bap Pow and DJ Foxman. 

There’s no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than by the sea with some good tunes.

Harbour Sundays, every Sunday from January 28 until February 28 at WA Maritime Museum.

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