RTRFM’S HARBOUR SUNDAYS Bands share their Fremantle faves

RTRFM’s Harbour Sundays are back for FRINGE WORLD and they’re the perfect way to spend a summer evening in Fremantle, with stunning ocean views from the WA Maritime Museum and music from some of the city’s finest local musicians. Get down to the waterfront on February 3, 10, 17 and 24 starting from 5pm until 11pm to catch the action. SCOTT AITKEN caught up with Dom Mariani (Dom Mariani and the Majestic Kelp), Bridget Turner (Simone and Girlfunkle) and Sean Gorman (Salary) to hear about their favourite things and top tips for visiting Fremantle. Get more info for this free event here.

What’s your favourite live music venue in Fremantle?

Dom Mariani: Mojos Bar without a doubt. Venues come and go, but Mojos is still standing. It has music seven nights a week and has been a breeding ground for some our best bands and performers. I enjoy playing there and the staff are always friendly.

Bridget Turner: Mojos and Fremantle Arts Centre when they do their picnic daytime shows.

Sean Gorman: Wherever Yardstock is happening.

What’s the best band you’ve seen in Fremantle?

Dom: I can’t narrow it down to one, so I’ll give you a few. I’m going back a few years, but it would be Last Chance Café at the Bar Orient, Sitting Bull at Fremantle Oval and more recently, Pond at the Fremantle Falls Festival.

Bridget: Low at Mojos.

Sean: Cat Power at the old Fly By Night Club.

Where’s the best drinking spot in Fremantle?

Dom: I do like the Norfolk.

Bridget: Mojos or the Aardvark.

Sean: Mojos during happy hour.

What’s your best memory from a time you were in Fremantle?

Dom: Again, I can’t narrow it down to one and I’m getting quite nostalgic here, but the café strip before it was a café strip; I’m talking about all the Italian shops that were along the Market Street end of South Terrace and around the corner. Going to the football on a Saturday afternoon, fish and chips at the old fish markets and the Coles cafeteria.

Bridget: Swims at Port Beach and then buying salt lamps from bearded men in fairy shops. Less recently my Dad used to take us there for family outings when we were kids. He’d take us to Cicerello’s for a family bag of chips then we’d run on the beach and he’d rummage through skip bins for treasure. Good times.

Sean: Playing at the Buffalo Club when we used to be called The Shops along with Shit Narnia for the Hidden Treasures Winter Music Festival.

Where’s the best coffee in Fremantle?

Dom: Ootong and Lincoln.

Bridget: Little Lefroys.

Sean: Cuppa Shack in Hamilton Hill.

Where’s the best place to eat?

Dom: The Capri never lets you down. It’s been there for over 50 years. Unpretentious home style Italian cooking. A free bowl of soup for entrees if you want it and a decent bowl of pasta.

Bridget: Now the Hungry Jacks has closed down we have to say Propeller or Raw Kitchen.

Sean: The food trucks on Monday evenings at the East Street Jetty.