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RTRFM’S 50 Most played tracks of 2017

Never mind the Hottest 100, local tastemakers RTRFM have released a list of their 50 (well, 54 actually… it was a tie) most played tracks of 2017, along with some impressive statistics.

Methyl Ethel‘s Ubu took out the top spot, while women rounded out the rest of the top five with Stella Donnelly‘s Mechanical Bull at #2, Like Me from Dream Rimmy at #3, Childsaint‘s Used Up sat at #4 and BOAT SHOW taking out #5 with Cis White Boy.

The entire top 10 was completely WA-centric with Simone and Girlfunkle, Bells Rapids, Diger Rokwell and two more Stella Donnelly tracks rounding it out. Here’s the complete list:

1. Ubu – Methyl Ethel

2. Mechanical Bull – Stella Donnelly

3. Like Me – Dream Rimmy

4. Used Up – Childsaint

5. Cis White Boy – BOAT SHOW

6. Fight On – Simone and Girlfunkle

7. GF – Bells Rapids

8. Mean To Me – Stella Donnelly

9. We Can Ride – Diger Rokwell

10. Boys Will Be Boys – Stella Donnelly

11. Red Rocks – Carla Geneve

..equal with.. Pissy Flow – Rag N’ Bone

13. Getting It Together – The Fruity Whites

14. The Big Smoke – BOAT SHOW

15. Landslide – Dream Rimmy

..equal with.. Lucky Girl – Fazerdaze

..equal with.. Malfunctions – Kopano

..equal with.. Star Roving – Slowdive

19. Expectations – Em Burrows

..equal with.. Djinn – Grievous Bodily Calm

..equal with.. Green Eyes – Pat Chow

..equal with.. Sunny Side Of Town – Terrible Signal

23. Like Me Like I Like You – Abbe May

..equal with.. Running Away – BOAT SHOW

..equal with.. Oxygen – Dream Rimmy

..equal with.. Bomb – Lucy Peach

..equal with.. Silver Tongue – Lucy Peach

..equal with.. Money For Portraits – POW! Negro

..equal with.. Saline – Ryan Beno

..equal with.. Grey – Stella Donnelly

31. Tour – The Courtneys

..equal with.. Jennifer – Fazerdaze

..equal with.. Slip Away – Perfume Genius

..equal with.. For The Story – Verge Collection

35. Paradise – ANOHNI

..equal with.. Floating Eyes – Mt. Mountain

..equal with.. The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter – Rag N’Bone

38. Swam Out – Hyla

39. Invisible Spear – Kitchen People

..equal with.. Same Script (LIVE) – Ziggy Ramo & the Love

41. Horizon – Aldous Harding

..equal with.. Hurricanes Of Light – Demon Days

..equal with.. Glasshouse – Feels

..equal with.. Prior Engagement – Feels

..equal with.. Beyond – Salary

46. Doomsday Clock – Abbe May

..equal with.. Love Decline – Abbe May

..equal with.. Addiction – Ali Flintoff

..equal with.. Glue – Bicep

..equal with.. No. 28 – Methyl Ethel

..equal with.. Twilight Driving – Methyl Ethel

..equal with.. Coolverine – Mogwai

..equal with.. Dust – Mt. Mountain

..equal with.. Drip Dry – Telete

Here’s some cool stats to go with it:

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