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RTRFM Goes full frequency

RTRFM‘s Full Frequency program first aired in January 1992 and was the first all dance music program on Australian radio. This year marks 25 years of the program, RTR are celebrating by hosting the Full Frequency Party at Ambar on Friday, September 29.

Abdil Bux and Ben Stinga, who were originally on the Drivetime slot, were leading the charge in electronic music in the early 90s, but new management meant that the program moved to a time slot on Saturday evenings and became Strictly Rhythm. It later changed to Underground Solution with Stinga as the host. Bux and Robert Fletcher were unhappy with the decision to remove electronic music from Drive, and lobbied the station for a dedicated electronic music program, and that is how Full Frequency came to be.

The program has been hosted by many heavyweights of the Perth club scene, as well as various DJs and presenters, including Rhys Evans, Rachel Harvey, Dan the Man, Mr Whippy, Jeremy Junk, Saxon, Mallinder, Ecohic, Sardi, Ben Elliot, Rok Riley, Ben M, Ben Mac, Jo Lettenmaier, James A, Massiv Trav, Declan Doherty, Craig Hollywood, Matty P and more.

RTRFM’s Full Frequency Party will host the current lineup of presenters as well as those who used to call the time slot home, including Adil Bux x Saxon, Declan x James A, Allstate x Craig Hollywood, Dart x Devo, Micah x Philly Blunt x Ben Mac, Will Slade x Will Backler and Rok Riley x Ben M.

Join RTRFM at Ambar on September 29 to celebrate 25 years of Full Frequency.



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