RTRFM Celebrating two beloved shows

RTRFM will be throwing a huge double stage party at The Sewing Room on Saturday, March 31 to celebrate milestones for two of their most beloved shows, Soulsides and Drastic on Plastic. 

In the front room catch all your favourites from the Soulsides crew, as they celebrate 20 years of soul, rhythm and blues, and all that lies between. Catch the DJ stylings of all your current and past favourites; Mama Cass & Kristie Butler, Tom & Spud Murphy, Microgrove & Claude Mono, John Safari, General Justice and Foxman & Big Ear Chad. Plus, the live sounds of J.B’s, the project of local band leader John Brown taking on the music of legendary James Brown’s backing band.

Out the back the ladies of Drastic on Plastic celebrate 35 years of women in music on your
radio. Founded in 1983 as part of 6UVS by current presenters Lorraine Clifford and Jane Armstrong, Drastic on Plastic gave women in music a voice in a male dominated world. Two hours of only female musicians and performers presented by women at a time when being a woman in music was not only rare but controversial.

Join the team from Drastic on Plastic as they celebrate everything that is amazing about
women in music, and the radio show that has been bringing them to you for 35 years – RTRFM. Party down with Lorraine & Jane, Marnie Richardson, Maxxi May, Sarah Norton, Krisite Butler, Meri Fatin, Saschy Singh, Jemima Dove and more.

RTRFM are celebrating Soulsides and Drastic on Plastic on Saturday, March 31 at The Sewing Room.