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ROSEL Tender is the nightfall

Local songwriter and producer Rosel has announced himself in the Perth music scene with a stellar video for his debut single Nightfall. The track, also featuring Perth singer Corey Holland, was directed by Rakib Erick from Afternoon Films in multiple locations from the Perth CBD to the windswept dunes of Lancelin. It’s an eloquent and accomplished first effort that sees Rosel drawing on the influence of some of his musical heroes as well as personal experience. BRAYDEN EDWARDS caught up with Rosel to find out what inspired his craft, how the video came together and what we can expect next from the artist.

So how did Rosel come about? Was it all your idea or were there a few others along for the ride?

Rosel came about when I was in my final years of school actually, I was taking some time in trying to find a name, I remember I first named myself “ANA” and had this really confusing concept to it, and I was like “This has to change.” So I started thinking and eventually I came to the name Rosel which lies behind the meaning of my Nanna “Rose Langton” who lives in South Africa, and I don’t get to see her a lot and I miss her very much so I guess my name makes me feel more connected and closer to her in a sense. It all really lies in my morals as a person and as an artist, which is my love, loyalty and honesty to my family and friends above all else.

What artists do you think have influenced your style the most and in what way?

I’d say my main artist influences are 6lack, Drake, The Weeknd and Travis Scott, but when I was younger Michael Jackson was the first and main influence of my music taste. I remember learning all his dance moves as a kid, it’s all I did (laughs). I guess they influenced me in a way of making music that speaks to myself first before others, that always how I saw these artists present their music, and that’s when I thought my style is presented through my expression and feeling, and I went and did that.

And how did your own experiences both personally and as a musician contribute to your craft?

I think the personal experiences played a very big part in the music a little more than other factors, because I wouldn’t have the mood or vibe of the song in the first place without planting a feeling to it. In all honesty my experience in music when making my first EP was very limited at that point. I was essentially learning on the job. I really just focused on making sure I had lyrics that resonated with myself first and then my audience, and then on the side I would learn what the producer was doing so I can keep applying that to all my future tracks.

It does seem like it was a team effort bringing your new song and video Nightfall to life. Who were the people you brought in to make it happen and why?

Quite a few people actually, Corey Holland wasn’t actually going to be on the song in the beginning, but then I thought “what would it be like if Corey was on it?” And as usual he nailed it. The producer on the track is called Uncle Sam, a super chilled dude and great at what he does, and the mastering was done by Rob Shaker at Shakedown Studios. The chorus of the song actually came from a really close friend of mine, we were just chilling listening to American Girl by Ta-ku and Wafia, and then my friend started singing the Nightfall chorus over it and I was like “woah” and then we put that on the track and it all came to life. It was a long process though, it took seven months to write the track.

While it seems like personal experiences were really behind the formation of Nightfall, is there a message in the song you think will connect with people more universally?

Yes I believe their own perception of Nightfall leads to their own message as to how they relate to the song. If you think about it some may relate to the song in a sad manner due to the moody vibe and connect to a low and heartbroken message. However others may perceive it as a vibrant song from the tropical feel of the track and get a fun summer tune to listen to without a serious message to it, But like I said it’s all up to how people perceive the track, and that’s how I like to leave my audience with my music, finding their own way with it.

Now we’ve had a taste, what can expect next from Rosel? Is there more new music or live shows we can look forward to?

One hundred percent yes. I’m always working on new music so everyone can expect new music coming within the next few months or so, just a few things that have to be finalised and perfected and then you’ll be getting new tunes! In regards to shows, I am speaking to a few people on getting some done, but as soon as things are confirmed it’ll be announced on all my social media platforms for everyone to see.

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