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Rooftop Movies


With Perth’s favourite summer cinema destination reopening this week with the one-two punch of Swedish vampire thriller Let The Right One In on Thursday, October 31 and David Lynch’s delirious Wizard Of Oz paean, Wild At Heart on Friday, November 1, we spoke to Rooftop Movies Programmer Jessica Darlow about what to expect this season.

“This year we’ve instigated two themed days,” Darlow explains to us.  On Tuesdays we’re putting in films that people have requested through our People’s Choice Competition. There’s lots of classic and retro and kitsch films that we’d love to be able to screen and we thought that, rather than sitting there having all the fun, we would put it out to the people and see what they wanted to see. So that starts on the 5th of November and continues for every Tuesday of the whole program up until April.”

Although the opportunity to demand a screening of V For Vendetta has been missed, November 5 sees the Coen brothers classic, The Big Lebowski, getting an airing, followed by Donnie Darko, Dirty Dancing, Mean Girls and Blade Runner in subsequent weeks.

Rooftop Movies has also taken care to cater for those cineastes who have bred with their Sunday night screenings. “We’re going to have a new night called Family Matters, which is where people with young kids can bring their kids up to the rooftop and see some classic films on the big screen. Some films we’ll be showing will be The Princess Bride, Spirited Away, The Fantastic Mr Fox… movies that are suitable for kids that adults will enjoy as a kind of alternative to going and watching, like, Cars 4 at Hoyts or something.”

The 2013/14 season will also see a lot of newer films added to the mix. As Darlow explains, “We also have access to new release pictures this year. We started in the last season, but we’re really kind of running with it this time around, building a really eclectic mix of classic films, retro films, arthouse films and new releases, so there’s something for everyone.”

Rooftop Movies opens on Thursday, October 31 on the roof of the Roe Street Carpark in Northbridge with a special Halloween screening of Let The Right One In and continues until April 2014. For the full program, session times and tickets, head here.


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