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Ron Pope

RonPopeCalling Off The Dogs
Brooklyn Basement

Ron Pope’s talents first reached many fans’ ears when he put out his beautiful single, A Drop In The Ocean, in 2005. Since then, though having independently released 10 albums and countless other singles, it seems Pope hasn’t made a major splash.

Now, Pope branches out from his alt-country and folk roots, choosing to go a little more ‘pop’ as he returns with Calling Off The Dogs.

The chaos of colours on the cover really represents the variety of sound you’ll find throughout this record. Starting off with some catchy and upbeat pop, Pope makes things slower, deeper and more thought-provoking once Explain hits the speakers.

For any fans of his breakout single, the track, Silver Spoon, will really hit home, with the voice that we heard back then really shining through. Meanwhile, guest vocalist Alexz Johnson’s powerful tones come through to great effect on Nothing.

A good listen overall, Calling Off The Dogs offers plenty of variation, right up until Pope explores his higher register on Blood From A Stone. It’s an odd way to end a sprawling record.



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