Rodney Crowell

RodneyCrowellTarpaper Sky
New Rest Records

Rodney Crowell is a former member of Emmylou Harris’ Hot Band, close friend to Townes Van Zandt, was married to Roseanne Cash for a time, and, along the journey, has been responsible for well over a dozen records of his own. Tarpaper Sky is the latest from the veteran musician with his boots firmly planted in the country realm.

Crowell is known as much for his skills as a songwriter as he is for being an artist in his own right. In some ways he is a victim to his prowess with penning the word as his voice is heartfelt and warm in its own right and is often overlooked when rating the evergreen artist. The Long Journey Home is a measure that country music is never out of fashion with this timeless tune.

All of the tools in his kit are brought out as Crowell excels at up tempo roots moments and shows his mastery of a ballad with the lonesome God I’m Missing You.

At 64 years of age, Crowell doesn’t appear to be losing any of his nous with Tarpaper Sky being as solid a record as he has made for some time. Not all albums have to break new ground and Tarpaper Sky is a victory for the tried and true.