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ROBIN FOX @ The Sewing Room gets 8.5/10

Robin Fox @ The Sewing Room
w/ Akioka
Tuesday, October 2, 2018


Electronic music is something we often hear on radio, at a club, or online, never really thinking about how it would be performed live. It was really interesting (perhaps even mindblowing) witnessing close up how different electronic artists present their music on stage.

There was a certain vibe to this Tura New Music gig that also made The Sewing Room such a perfect place for it. The electric pink and blue lights casting a futuristic space on the stage made the set ups and whacky-looking synthesiser seem ‘out of this world’. That is, of course, in contrast to the fact that this venue is in the basement.


Akioka’s voice is like a vortex. With every meticulous layer of the local solo artist’s different vocal sounds, you could feel it almost creep up onto your skin and pull you into her musical world. Then when you think you’re almost done with the experience, rhythm starts to creep up from underneath you. It’s a mystery how the audience did not eventually break into a ritualistic dance. The set kept ears entertained throughout, so much so that while you’re still able to relaxingly enjoy the magic that is Akioka, something different hops in to bring you even more of that stardust feeling.

Robin Fox

Listening to leading Australian audiovisual artist Robin Fox felt like my brain was covered in an array of electrical emotion. The perfect mixture of ‘dry’ and ‘wet’ sounds explored every corner of the venue, some of which sat comfortably in your chest, others causing a slight discomfort. Strong beats came into play, accompanied by the rattling walls, forcing you to listen to every sound around you. Another trance-like state was brought upon the audience. It was like as if these odd textures were shot straight into your brain. Just as you’re about to fall off your seat, Robin Fox brings in a big mood-changer, exploring yet another mellow state.

Robin Fox

There is so much more to this music than just hitting buttons on a computer or a keyboard. The artists who played on this Tuesday night not only performed extraordinarily, they managed to make the audience feel the music in them, evoking some kind of focused, yet relaxed state. That, is how you present electronic music.


Photos by Tristen Parr

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