RINGO STARR A Starr among knights

The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr is set to finally receive knighthood! Starr will receive the knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II during the upcoming New Year’s Honours, 20 years after bandmate Paul McCartney first received his.

Starr first received similar major recognition in June 1965, when Queen Elizabeth II appointed all members of The Beatles Members of the Order of the British Empire. Controversially, this honour was bestowed at a time when it was primarily given to high ranking members of the military instead of entertainers.

The knighthood will recognise the enormous contribution that The Beatles have made to popular music, specifically the 77 year old’s services to music and charity.

Ringo Starr is set to become Sir Richard Starkey (or Sir Ringo, we’re not sure which…) next year, 21 years after former Beatles bandmate Sir Paul McCartney’s knighthood in 1997.