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Riley-Pearce. Pic : Tanya-Voltchanskaya
Riley-Pearce. Pic : Tanya-Voltchanskaya

Riley Pearce chats about his forthcoming performance at State Of The Art on Monday, June 6, at Elizabeth Quay.

It seems that WA, more than any other state, takes a real pride in the music and musicians who come from here. Do you agree and if so why is it?

I think it’s largely due to how separated we are from the rest of Australia – and the world – and even though the internet now helps limit the gap. The live scene is still something that’s hard to translate to other places straight away and hence it’s created this amazing culture of proud WA musicians who feel like they’ve helped contribute to such a vibrant and unique scene.

For many years the old phrase ‘the tyranny of distance’ was applied to the ups-and-downs of being a Perth band trying to give it a crack. Is that phrase now completely a thing of the past?

I think it definitely still applies for bands that are touring, but that might be the only way in which it still fully fits. The internet and discoverability of remote bands makes it pretty easy to get on people’s radar if you’re doing great things

What’s it mean to you that you’re playing at an event such as State Of The Art?

It’s a great opportunity to represent WA alongside some amazing, talented musicians… very chuffed to be asked to play.

What acts are you most looking forward to seeing?

Jebediah and Koi Child for sure… and also Mosquito Coast

Looking ahead, what musical plans are afoot for you?

Over the next few months I’ll largely be writing and demoing but I do have some shows coming up in WA and Victoria with Mat McHugh in June/July.


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