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RICH VALENTINE Uncaging the dragon

Local ten-piece Rich Valentine are bursting out of the blocks on the Perth music scene. They are currently mid way through unleashing their new FOR SALE collection which sees them pumping out a new single every Friday for 14 weeks. The group don’t just see themselves as a musical act but a collaboration of creatively restless artists, combining with a shared vision resulting in a prolific output. BRAYDEN EDWARDS caught up with the group as they painted the colourful picture of their background, eclectic sound and plans for making history.

Firstly, can you tell me how Rich Valentine came together? Was it a personal project or more of a collaborative effort?

Julian: A few of the boys went to school together and I played soccer with the others. From that we made a family and now we’re making history.
Raph: Yeah it was ten boys from different backgrounds, not coincidentally becoming brothers.
Pat: Exactly, we’re just a group of boys whose stars aligned and met on this earth to create something life-changing.

So there are really ten members in the band? What roles do you all play in producing this music?

Sallay: Yes, ten for now, but who knows what the future holds? Right now it’s me Sallay, Julian, Hadley, Bailey, Brayden, Jorge, Raph, Pat, and then Christian. For us though, we don’t feel like each person has a specific role, we just share ideas and create beautiful pieces of fine art.
Jorge: It’s important to note the collective goes beyond music. Although the only product out now is in fact the sound. Rich Valentine is an art hoüs that will eventually migrate to other forms of art.

And for those who haven’t heard your music, what kind of vibe is it?

Hadley: Our vibe stems from our expression of true musical art through authentic artists that are simply able to be themselves.
Bailey: Have you listened? Rich is everything, everywhere.
Julian: Just like Picasso did, we paint pictures; we just do it sonically. We see colours through sounds which is the prettiest “vibe” there is.
Sallay: For me personally, the music we make gives me the vibe of the Raf Simons’ Fall Winter 2018/2019 fashion show, where there is space for beauty but also chaos and it ends up being something phenomenal.
Jorge: It’s a sound so eclectic that it’s difficult to pin down.

And were there any particular artists that influenced the aesthetic that you are creating here? Or was it more about trying to create and develop your own sound?

Jorge: Rich Valentine stems from our own personal experiences and stories. In a way, we are the product of everyone before us. I don’t think one specific artist moulded our sound or look, but many have inspired us to be better and keep art moving forward.
Sallay: We were influenced by many different artists and we study them, but it’s not really painting if you just copy someone else’s painting. We are creating our own palette of sound because we have our own painting to share the with the world.

And how do you go about writing and producing music like this? What gear or programs do you use to get the sound you’re after?

Sallay: There’s no specific way that we go about writing or producing a song. They all come from different places.

I see you haven’t taken the regular path of releasing your music with say an album launch on the one date. How are you going about getting these tracks out into the world?

Jorge: We have released a couple of EPs in the past that have followed a more traditional release approach. Our current project, the FOR SALE collection, we have played around with a bit, releasing one single each week that will amount to a full set of, say, 14 songs ultimately. We have decided to constrict the streaming means available to just SoundCloud, but this could still change.

And why did you choose to do it that way? Is it more in line with how people consume music these days?

Julian: We release the music when it’s perfect. Perfection doesn’t come with a time limit, perfection comes with hard work and dedication. Some projects are ready faster than others.
Pat: We just give the world what it fiends.

And how far through that stage are we now and what’s still to come?

Bailey: Rich is like a dragon locked up in a cage waiting to burst out into the world. If more people listen to the shit, the beast will be unleashed and it’s only up from there.
Pat: Yeah exactly, we just need to be recognised by someone as the geniuses we are so that we can show the world the coming of Rich.
Julian: Remember, we aren’t rich but we are Rich. Once the world listens they will understand.
Sallay: Yes Jools! This is just the beginning, we have ideas and concepts that we want to share with the world but as of now we are focused on making a platform for ourselves.
Jorge: In regards to the question however, we are halfway through the FOR SALE collection. For the future, I guess that’s for us to figure out.

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