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Reverse Polarities


On The Contrary

Big Village Records

Politically charged and full of passion, Reverse Polarities display the positives of focussing on lyrical content more than catchy hooks and loaded choruses.

Whilst it may be a tiring 18 tracks long, the band’s debut LP, On The Contrary, manages to maintain its intrigue by providing laid-back, influential instrumental beats within a diverse range of sounds. From the darker, eerie New Beginnings to the in-your-face, double-timed BOSS, the tracks feature a collection of themes ranging from desensitisation to violence, youth suicides, overworked employees and the status of refugees, to love songs.

D.O.A is one of the stronger songs, exploring the theme of teenage road accidents; its lyrical content hits hard, combining the mixing of real life news announcements and police raids in its chorus and bridge.

Despite its length, the LP is a solid listen that fails to provide any standout individual tracks you would play on repeat, or spend the next fortnight obsessing over. However, the quartet deserves strong appreciation and recognition for their passion and motivation to stand up and make a difference.



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