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REUBEN HUNTER – THE HOARD gets 8/10 A very human mess

Reuben Hunter – The Hoard @ Supper Room at Perth Town Hall (for Fringe)
Sunday, February 11, 2018


Self-proclaimed keeper, stacker and shover of things, comic Reuben Hunter has found a way to garner a very human cache of jokes on the subject of compulsive hoarding and excessive acquisition.

This now British resident, but long-serving Perth stand-up, takes his first stab at a long, single narrative performance, and offers himself up raw on a platter with some extremely personal, touching real-life anecdotes. His storytelling is sophisticated and his delivery is humble with no flashy, here’s-where-you-laugh pauses.

“Don’t worry… we’ll get through this,” was a perfect, tongue in cheek way to open his set. Not least due to a starting disclaimer about some mental health content within the show. Recounting a large inventory of yarns about old jobs, his father’s suicide and his own diverse collection of never utilised video games and horror movies, Hunter’s show is basically about parts of our lives we may not have processed very well.

Tackling the shadows found hidden within the dark recesses of the psyche is not the most common subject for a humour fest. But, Hunter proves himself to be a keen social observer of the most human magnitude with a flabbergasting, deep insight into the human condition. He actually manages to make issues such as suicide, self-doubt and fear funny.

A super smart guy, Hunter seamlessly navigates from topic to topic with great attention to detail and a veritable treasure-trove of endless imagination. The Hoard is an excellent first attempt at a tricky subject filled with a deep reservoir of comedic insights. Definitely one to stack at the top of the pile.


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