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Lou Reed
Five years to the day since Lou Reed‘s tragic passing, some of Perth’s best musicians are coming together to pay tribute to the late rock and roll icon. The Lou Reed Celebration Show goes down this Saturday, October 27 at Badlands Bar and will feature three sets including one dedicated to playing, in full, Reed’s acclaimed 1973 album Berlin.

No one is better placed to take this on than Perth music veteran Greg Dear (The Holy Rollers, The Beautiful Losers) who describes Berlin as a centrepiece for the night. “In a show that celebrates Lou’s legacy, I think it is essential to do Berlin and to do it properly. I am so grateful to have band members who have accepted the challenge and are sharing my vision of Lou’s vision. This part of the show will be what makes the whole night so incredibly special.”

Overall we can look forward to a three-hour show celebrating the legacy of Reed’s music with a six-piece band accompanied by a four-piece horn section and backing singers. “Lou’s popular songs and the ones that I assume most people will want to hear are there,” explains Dear. “I wanted to cover the breadth of Lou’s career from The Velvet Underground through to his later work, and also to perform the songs that I think are his best from the various eras.”

Lou Reed Celebration Show is on this Saturday, October 27 at Badlands Bar. Get your tickets here.

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