Reasons To Invest In A Quality Card Table

You must have one of these stashed away somewhere. A card table is for much more than just playing cards. It serves many different purposes aside from just being easy to store and quick to set up in case you need another tabletop for some reason related to running out of counter space to hold stuff. To be sure, we have come up with a list of reasons why you should have at least one card table of good quality stored somewhere handy so when you need it, it is there. You may have other reasons for having a quality card table but these are ours.

1 – You Can Take It Anywhere

Nothing beats the portability of your average card table. Plus, they aren’t nearly as awkward as they once were. Today’s card tables have a solid, sturdy tabletop and four legs that fold and tuck neatly under the tabletop. Easy to fold, easy to unfold. When folded they take up little space and can ride almost undetected in your vehicle. That means you could be using it at the campsite this weekend and in the basement once you get back home. There are not a lot of tables out there that you can do that with. So, the card table is also versatile.

2 – You Can Still Use It To Play Cards

Let’s make something perfectly clear here. Although a good quality card table has many different uses, it still scores the greatest number of points as a card table. After all, that is what it was designed for and let’s face it, the main reason why you have one has got to be because of card night or something like that. So, with this in mind, a folding card table is good for a lot of different reasons but primarily, it is still a card table, meaning it can also be used as a great poker table. It’s also where you drop your poker chips during a game. By the way, you can find good quality poker chips at GiftWits. With all of this, you’re set for a great night of playing cards! If you’d like to learn more about how to host a great poker night, see ManCaveExperts guide.

3 – It Doesn’t Take Up Space When Not In Use

We’ve already indicated that a folding card table is portable and doesn’t take up much space. But when you compare it to other things in the same closet, you get a sense that the card table is probably the most space-saving item in there. Check out any of your closets and imagine a card table, with the legs folded under the tabletop, taking up a sliver of space along the closet wall. Everything else in there is either big or bulky and most of those items are holding up the card table so it doesn’t fall down and get buried out of sight.

4 – It’s Not Designed For Table Dancing

We sense there should be a whole different article on the things you shouldn’t do with a card table but until that happens, let’s look at this possibility for a moment. Yes, card tables are strong, sturdy and stable. That is if you use it for one of the many different ways it was intended to be used. Standing on it to hang a picture, sitting on it because there is no more seating available or even dancing on it will not prove to be a very effective use of the trusty card table design. So it has some limitations, just like anything else you own.