Reapers Riddle

Heavy heroes Reapers Riddle launch their new video, Fall Away, at the Civic Hotel this Friday, February 6, with help from Dark Or The Day, Souls Of Bughuul and Dethlahem. We have a chat with lead singer Clayton Mitchell.


What’s the Reapers riddle story?

Reapers Riddle are pretty down to Earth guys with a passion and belief in music. Since their beginning Reapers Riddle have released four CDs and opened for greats such as Misfits, Anvil, The Getaway Plan, Allegiance and more.

Every member of Reapers loves the roots and growth of music within and expanding the rock and metal genres. A mutual desire to create great, relevant and heavy rock music us them a prominent force in the local scene and we will continue to smash it out!


Why did you choose Fall Away?

Fall Away has always stood out live and on record. People always got into it and could feel the track as it was. After a script was written trying to portray one angle of the lyrics, myself and Clayton Orgles of CO Productions began work on this exclusive video after a request from Blunt Magazine to feature on their cover DVD.

The video was inspired by some real life events but also Hollywoodized to an extent. It’s pretty full-on and dark but it’s also deliberate in its direct reference to the worst case scenario.


How did you come to work with director Clayton Orgles?

During work on Drop with Zenon Samuels I met Clayton Orgles and we became mates. As Zenon was working on his short film, Robot, Clayton and I decided to work on this clip together. He took on the roles of director and cinematographer and I was assistant director and producer. We worked well with the help of all the great staff and actors and made what we think to be a solid clip not only in the Australian scene but the world music scene.


What’s up next for you guys?

In June this year Reapers Riddle will be launching their album, The End Is Nigh, followed by an Australian tour, so if you like metal and rock then look no further than Reapers Riddle! We are always playing with different Perth talent and love to showcase new stuff so come down, grab a brew and get those necks cranking!