RAFF CO. Skateboard furniture exhibition


Celebrate skate culture, furniture design and local art mania in a creative spectacle for free at Beyond Skate Gallery, Friday, March 31 from 6pm by innovative skate furniture maker RAFF Co. (Rad As Fuck Furniture).

RAFF Co. come together with local Perth artists to revive the lives of worn out skateboards and rejig them into unique furniture. The exhibition involves the use of recycled boards to manipulate and exercise raw materials in a bid to create subversive art.

A number of artists from around Perth were provided with a leg component of a RAFF Co. barstool to bring to life their individual artistic finesse. RAFF Co. has gone on to remodel into engagingly unique furniture items that give a slice of edginess to the already flaring trend of industrial interior design.

The show delves into brains behind the madness Matthew Williams’ personal unease and apprehension with consumer cultures ability to eat up commodity’s produced on mass. It makes a statement against the extensive environmental and ethical ramifications of mass production by highlighting the unique and quirky craftsmanship of hand made furniture. The spotlight glares dazzlingly on the concept of one-off pieces and this one-off show is not to be missed!

To absorb the juicy life of inventiveness and appreciate the gnarly work produced from genuine skateboard hardware materials, come to the free show that will kick off at 6pm on Friday 31 at Beyond Skate Gallery, North Perth. Check out the Facebook event here.