Rae & Christian

Rae&ChristianMercury Rising
Late Night Music/Balance Music/EMI

Review routine is thus forth – sync album to all devices, listen from start to finish on loud speakers; take it out for a spin on the iPod for the ‘in ear’ experience and then finish it off in the car. You should get a fair idea of where, when and how you want to hear said album again. However, UK duo Mark Rae and Steve Christian foiled my method a bit, waving the flag of diversity in the face of my ‘Random Disco and Songs for Sunday’ playlists, going straight to ‘Tunes to Sort’. Each track deserving its own thoughtful place spread throughout my playlists. Think Chillout Sessions with a smattering of soul, hip hop and heavier sound-scaping for a run along the beach. A clever engagement of guest vocalists including indie pop favourite Mark Foster (Foster The People) showing off his inner soul man on Happy, legendary scratch artist and hip hop producer Jazzy Jeff and Australia’s Agent 86 on Check The Technique, makes this album likeable to any ears with a broad taste looking for something new to add to your summer collection. I found myself jumping to Favourite Game featuring very intriguing vocals from UK artist, Jake Emlyn.