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RADIOTHON 2020 There’s No Stopping RTRFM

Broadcasting in 2020 has looked a little different, but there’s no stopping Perth community radio station RTRFM 92.1 this year as their annual subscription drive Radiothon kicks off from Friday, August 14 to Sunday, August 23.

Creating radio remotely from the comforts of their homes, backyards and bedrooms, RTRFM 92.1 reimagined how radio is produced and what it means to be a community led station in 2020 while the city was locked down. They stuck with us, now it’s time to stick with them.

RTRFM is funded by local people who believe it’s important to hear different music, local stories, and diverse voices on their airwaves. RTRFM are now calling on their subscribers to keep the community in their radio. By becoming a subscriber, you are showing you care about local music, local artists, and local voices. You will also be supporting the cultural fabric of Perth and connecting to local people telling local stories in your community.

This year, the famous spot prizes are being replaced with Thank You Gifts, meaning every subscriber gets to choose something from a collection of amazing local businesses. The station has also sourced a treasure trove of amazing prizes with all subscribers going into the draw for their amazing prize pool.

To support RTRFM, subscribe during Radiothon 2020. All subscriptions from here on until Friday, September 25 go into the draw for all the prizes and goodies.

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