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RADIO BIRDMAN & DIED PRETTY You read that right


The names Radio Birdman and Died Pretty evoke many images for those who know and love Australian independent music. Now, in one of this year’s most exciting All-Australian double bills, both bands will perform in a series of one off double headliners across the land.

Punters’ ears are still ringing from the last time Radio Birdman rocked Perth at the Rosemount Hotel, and hot on the heals of an exciting collaboration announced between guitarist Deniz Tek and Stooges guitarist James Williamson on the Acoustic K.O. EP (out March 31) comes this exciting news.

Formed in 1974, Birdman burst onto the Sydney scene with an energy and attitude previously unseen in that city. Clashing with the powers that be of the time, the band chartered a steadfastly DIY course, kicking down doors as they went. By the time of their demise in 1978 they had helped overturn the way the music scene operated allowing a new generation of musically diverse bands and independent labels to form and prosper beyond the constraints of the traditional music establishment. Call them proto-punk. Call them punk originators. They are out and out legends.

Died Pretty formed in 1983, becoming an important part of the unfolding post-Birdman Sydney environment. Predicated on a series of lauded indie albums and extensive domestic and international touring, the band built a loyal global following over a career that ended up lasting twenty years. Always determining their own musical directions, the band never deviated from the course they set themselves, ultimately earning their unique position in the Australian musical landscape.  

Please Note: the bands will be alternating headline positions over the course of the tour with Died Pretty to headline in Perth.

Radio Birdman and Died Pretty play Capitol, Perth on Saturday, June 17. Tickets available from Oztix.

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