RACOO Airport Hospital ready for take off

Singer-songwriter Rachel Hocking, who goes under the moniker Racoo (previously Racoo Charles & the Moke Folk) is set to release her debut album Airport Hospital at The Odd Fellow on Friday, April 13. 

Support comes from the all star cast of Pond’s Shiny Joe Ryan, Shit Narnia’s Hugh Manning and Isla Imogen. 

Racoo comes from a family of musical outsiders based in Albany. Now she moves between Fremantle and Tasmania and is well known as violinist for Fremantle bands Galloping Foxleys and Salary. She plays melancholic songs that document leaking walls, absent doors, and idlers. Live she is supported by an ever evolving band of like minded people.

Racoo’s Airport Hospital Launch is at The Odd Fellow the Friday, April 13, with support from Shiny Joe Ryan, Hugh Manning and Isla Imogen.