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RACKA CHACHI Mother God gets 8/10

Racka Chachi
Mother God
Racka Chachi Records 


Non-stop music makers Racka Chachi are back again and bigger than ever with another fresh and funky single named Mother God, which they’re hopefully set to take to Perth stages very soon.

The track fits the typical Racka Chachi bill. It’s rich with its many avenues of influence that group together in their usual groovy, hip-hop ways. The keys and guitar sit on the forefront of the track, and are held up by a meaty bass line and then layered with some easy lyrics. Welcoming some new (but seen before) members to the group this time around, additions Bianca Nayar and At Night Time are adding their touch to the already all-inclusive-tune – and it works.

It wouldn’t be fair to bypass the track’s chorus without a little credit. A clear highlight with the lyrics, “You know how it be/ You put a white light around me/ Hoping I can see, the me/ I know you’ve always always seen.” These are delivered with a really bouncy vibe until they are momentarily slowed down with the more  dreamy words, “Girl come and fly with me/ Baby come take my hand/ We’re gonna try and seek/ Somewhere for us to land,” which eventually edge us out of the track.

Mother God is a free-flowing, summery track with a little something for everyone. It’s a really cool addition to the band’s growing collection of singles and definitely a vibe.




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