RABBIT ISLAND Interstate gets 8/10

Rabbit Island
Bedroom Sucks/Remote Control

The first time I listened to Interstate, the second single from Rabbit Island’s upcoming album Deep in the Big (out August 17), I was sitting on the beach on the east coast; far away from all my friends and family. Hearing its echoey construction was like a hug that permeated all the way inside my chest.

This song captures perfectly the feeling of longing for loved ones. Amber Fresh, the much-loved Perth act’s sole member, sings “I wanna touch you, I wanna bake a cake for you.” As always, she plays with little snippets of the everyday in the quirkiest way, but in the process reaches into something deeper in all of us.

Interstate is a thematic pal to her first single and the new album’s title track, Deep in The Big, which has similar tumbling of reverberant piano and goes “…Smells exactly as your jumpers do, I fly a long way to hold you and I’d do it again if you want me to”.

Both tracks are more professionally produced than anything she’s done before, but still retain imprints of her signature bedroom recording charm.