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RABBIT ISLAND Deep in the Big gets 9/10


Deep in the Big
Bedroom Sucks/Remote Control 


The new studio album by Rabbit Island, aka Perth’s own Amber Fresh, is a truly majestic product of the local music scene.

It pairs original charm with great production and instrumentation, by collaborators including Nicholas Allbrook (Pond), Tristen Parr and Benjamin Witt.

Amber’s music is important because she does it truly for herself, and has done for a long time. The music is about connecting people, about appreciating friendship, and noticing the little things that really matter. Fame and fortune have never been things she seems to seek out in this practice, and the songs simply sing out as a testament in themselves.

You can feel it in the room at any of her live performances, even the ones she doesn’t feel are going well. There always seems to be at least one person who hears her for the first time on a night and comments on how it stirred something up for them. This lady literally brings grown men in bars to tears, that they secretively scrape away with the rim of their Export cans.

The recordings of these songs on Deep In The Big do nothing but justice to that live experience. Vulnerability shines out of the layers upon layers of reverberating keys, delicate cello, and soft vocals. Her lyrics are true thoughts and you can hear it. Experimental undertones pop up boldly in some tracks and subtly in others, keeping true to Rabbit Island expeditions of the past, and sophistication of the present.


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