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RAAVE TAPES dancing because I’m sad gets 7/10


dancing because I’m sad 
No-Fi Collective


Proud Novocastrians RAAVE TAPES are back flaunting their unique blend of dance rock and punk that gets ya headbanging. dancing because I’m sad starts off with one crazy wall of noise, a real big one, in fact.

The opening wave of hard-hitting drums, shattering guitars and thick bass is broken by the strong, crisp vocals of guitarist and vocalist Joab Eastley. The distorted 90s bass, along with the reverb and delay on Lindsey O’Connell’s vocals in the chorus, might pop you in a trance and turn it into a tune of synth 90s/00s dance music. Before long that heavy wall comes back in along with some angsty, maybe slightly ironic yet infinitely relatable lyrics, such as “I’m dead inside but the strobes trick my body and I’m feeling fine.”

Having just finished a sensational supporting run with Psychedelic Porn Crumpets on their national tour last month (their Astor Theatre show was a blast), this three-piece containing Eastley on guitar and vocals, Lindsey O’Connell on bass and vocals and Lewis Horne on drums are hitting the ground and running. Out via No-Fi, a New South Wales DIY music and arts collective, they join a couple of other pretty great NSW bands worth checking out. But first try RAAVE TAPES, they have a very unique blend of dance and punk that contains all this angst with a whole heap of energy and excitement, and it’s infectious.


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