PURITY RING New single Asido

Purity Ring have dropped a trinket of finely tuned craft with their new song Asido.

The single comes in celebration of the 5th anniversary since the duo’s debut studio album Shrines hit the electronic synthpop music scene with colossal impact in 2012. Since then Purity Ring have crystallised their style and manifested an iconic sound that has generated an ever-expanding fan-base itching to scratch the surface and embrace their new material.

Punchy stuttering beats and vocals that ignite some immensely rich lyrics Asido is an atmospheric stand-alone treat for fans of the Canadian duo while they work on the follow up to their second album Another Eternity. The poetic song is a dig deeper into darker themes of solitary obsession with the body. The beat is fraught and the cutting lyrics “stir your gut ‘til it pours” make for a clean track stripped back to the essentials of what places Purity Ring at the top of their genre.

Written and directed by vocalist Megan James, the animated lyric video that accompanies Asido is a dark exploration into the themes of the track. Tallulah Fontaine — the creator of Purity Ring’s album artwork to date —animated the video that depicts a lonely human figure crying tears of blood from a hole in the ground.

The new track is indulgently familiar to former tunes from the duo but necessarily embodies growth. Casually devastating and carefully worded, Asido is worth a listen.

Asido is out now.