PUP CHOIR Canine karaoke for stress and anxiety

A country-wide search is on to find performing pups to star in the world’s first Pup Choir. This virtual choir of more than 50 singers accompanied by their best furry friends, will perform the Billboard award-winning song Thunder by Imagine Dragons in the name of creating awareness of canine stress and anxiety. ThunderShirt, a pet-anxiety solutions brand, has partnered with the perennially popular Pub Choir on the search, with auditions opening on August 24, calling for dog owners to perform with their creative canines. You could call it canine karaoke. Pressure’s off though, singing is mandatory for humans only. Stage fright happens to pups too.

Pup Choir was born as an ode to pups Australia-wide who may undergo stress caused by the fluctuation of our ever-changing world, including separation anxiety when their owners return to work. Led by Pub Choir and Couch Choir founder, Astrid Jorgensen and her Chihuahua-Daschund pup, Penny, Jorgensen believes that singing has always provided a way for humans to relax and connect. “Who better to share that sense of calm with than our beloved doggies!?” she says. “Pub choir tackles anxiety in humans, and now Pup Choir will try to do the same for our furry best mates.”

Pet stress and anxiety is a widespread issue across Australia with at least 64% of owners believing that their dog has experienced stress and anxiety according to Affinity Pet Behaviour Research, 2018. While there are several symptoms, pet owners are often not aware or mistake them as part of their pet’s personality. During the pandemic, a lot of dog owners have been working from home and their fur babies are now used to this constant human presence. Once we return to the new normal, dogs may have severe separation anxiety and struggle to cope being at home alone.

Calling all Aussie singers with pups who wish to be a part of the phenomenal Pup Choir! Submissions opened on August 24. Click here for more info.