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Rose Bass

Rose Bass is one of just four West Australian finalists in the 2015 Fonterra Proud To Be A Chef mentorship program – an all-expense paid, three day masterclass in Melbourne. Rose, along with 32 other Australian contestants, will get to dine at award-winning Melbourne restaurants, learn from some of Australia’s best chefs, and get the chance to network with people in the industry. At the end of the three-day mentorship, Rose will get the chance to cook up an original foodie creation. If she impresses the judges, she could score herself the grand prize of $7500, to spend on an international culinary placement. We speak to Rose about how she got selected, and what she’s looking forward to the most.

Where are you working at the moment?
Fraser’s Restaurant in Kings Park.

How did you get selected for the program?
A friend of mine mentioned the program to me so I looked into the application process – it involved  submitting a recipe which could be produced in two hours, as well as answering an array of questions including why we started working in kitchens and where we see ourselves in the future within the hospitality industry.

Where do you see yourself in the future?
I’m hoping to work overseas as much as possible, especially within the UK/Europe, starting with London in July this year. Following my qualification as a chef, I’m also hoping to commence a Bachelors degree in Commerce at UWA in 2016, and in the future an MBA at Melbourne Business School – I want to work within restaurants from a dynamic, yet still kitchen focused point of view. Realistically I hope to eventually make money whilst operating restaurants that are seasonal, well looked after, and forever adapting to today’s hungry and well informed customers.

What are you expecting from the Fonterra Proud to be a Chef program?
From the itinerary we’ve been sent it sounds like the three days we spend in the kitchen more or less are going to be intense! I hope to walk away with a bunch of new pieces of information and knowledge to expand on, and most of all I’m hoping to come home feeling more motivated than ever.

What are you most looking forward to?
To eat at Saint Crispin, Spice Temple and Rockpool! I’m kidding –they are definitely up there as things to look forward to, but probably above that, I would be getting to participate in the master classes, as well as to meet and talk to the other apprentices about what they want in their careers and also experience a bit of Melbourne’s food scene as a group.

Is there a standout chef that you are excited to work with?
Definitely Joe Grbac – it would be really cool to talk to him about his experience working in The Square in London, as it would be my dream to work there one day!


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