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Proceeding are an adventurous new Perth band that contains some 150 years’ combined experience. Virtuoso guitarist, Errol H Tout has gathered with Mike Dearn (Swamp Monsters/Squidfinger), Peter Hadley (Rhythm Method, Love Pump, The Fat), avant garde guitarist Glenn Winter-Smith and up-and-coming drumming maestro Rosie Taylor to play instrumental guitar music that is electric, highly eclectic, approachable and all played live.

“This concert is a stage of our process,” says Tout. “We have been working on the repertoire since October. At each stage of creation, from inception, to the music being played live by the players, then fine tuning of arrangements – the music keeps changing. It lives and breathes. We have got the music ready for live performance, where it will change again with an audience. We will then make an album of the music.”

Catch Proceeding in their debut performance at Ellington Jazz Club this Thursday, March 26. Doors open 7pm.


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