PREHYSTERICAL @ The Woodside Pleasure Garden gets 7.5/10

@ The Woodside Pleasure Garden
Sunday, January 19, 2020


Perth Fringe-goers are loving PreHysterical, presented by Head First Acrobats – a silly, yet very serious circus show for children of all ages (and that’s no typo – the grown-up child seated next to me loved it just as much as the little one on the other side!)

An endless crowd of people piling into the Teatro circus tent were greeted by a set that is anything but spectacular, and what else would you expect from a show about life before technology?! Standing alone on the stage is a simple, two-dimensional hand-painted cave, appropriately setting the scene for this prehistoric tale.

The story follows a group of three Neanderthals, made up of a civilised cavewoman (Chelsea Angell), and two cavemen (Isaac Lawry and Thomas Gorham), demonstrating how they learn to communicate, work together to hunt for food, escape predators, and invent modern sport.

Laughter and cheers of admiration from both adults and children proved that this was a true crowd-pleaser. Interwoven with moments of hilariously silly slapstick comedy are feats showcasing tremendous strength and agility. The awe-inspiring diversity of performers Angell, Lawry, and Gorham include acrobatics, breakdancing, hula hoops, aerial trapeze and so much more.

This show really rocks. It’s the perfect combination of sweet, childlike humour, delivered with inspiring talent and engaging performers makes for a flawless production, thoroughly enjoyed by audience members of all ages.