PREATURES Yanada gets 8/10

The Preatures


The second single from The Preature’s sophomore album, Yanada, is a cross between the soundtrack of DRIVE, a Stevie Nicks composition and a warm Californian sunset in 1986. In other words it’s brilliant!

Hailed by the band as their most significant single to date and taken from new album Girlhood, out tomorrow, the single expresses the overall ethos of the album in it’s main lyrical hook I open up my eyes underwater”. Despite the band’s challenges, their vision is now clear-set and determined not to sink.

Interestingly, this song took as long as the rest of album to finish, with front woman Izzy Manfredi forming a creative relationship with local Sydney indigenous song-woman Jacinta Tobin. Their relationship led to Tobin’s native tribal language (The Darug) taking pride of place in the song. The most surprising thing is that the language fits seamlessly with the melodies.

It’s the kind of song that washes over you and breaks you out of the moment, never trying too hard. Manfredi’s vocals are superb as always but it doesn’t get 10/10 marks as it’s too long for a traditional pop single (5.19mins). Regardless of how it goes on radio, its the perfect Sunday morning antidote to feeling disconnected or puzzled at where you are in life. A beautiful record.